Friday, June 22, 2012

Taking care of your suppressor

Jim (the inventor) sent me this video.
If you're interested and want to contact Jim, let me know.


Oswald Bastable said...

I learnt the hard way that you don't leave a suppressor full of WD-40.
They go bang and burst...

jim said...

Fuck Obama. And Thanks Kenny for posting my video , and all the posts I come to see everyday

Dan said...

I would suggest your friend not move the camera around between demonstrations. Moving the position of the camera alters the
perceived sound and makes it impossible to judge whether any change in sound level is due to the
material he is attempting to sell or due to the change in the position of the camera. And if your friend wants to truly demonstrate the quality of his product he needs to demonstrate the difference in sound using a decibel meter that is the same distance and postion from the muzzle for the entire testing procedure. Otherwise his guesstimation of a 50% reduction in the sound level is just that....his guesstimation.

Selling gun products over the interwebs is tough enough when
a demonstrable benefit can be seen.
In this case however the benefit is
questionable due to the methodology.

jim said...

Thanks Dan. Those were good pointers. Ed is just a friend of mine , and his daughter is the one on the camera ,They just do videos to hang around together, I just thought someone would like seeing the first video of my product . Thanks . Jim

rgranger said...

i don't think "yoused" is the word he was looking for. My sparrow is due in shortly, i may have to try some of that stuff.