Sunday, June 17, 2012

Thank God for modern technology

Lisa's cousin bought a Kindle a month or two back and brought it over to Lisa to show her how to do all the neat stuff Lisa enjoys and had been telling her about. Well, she gets over her and finds out that she doesn't have the right model, she needs the Fire. So she runs down and buys the Fire and leaves the other one here where it's been sitting ever since. I have no idea why she didn't return it.
To make a long story short, I bought it off her. That can be fucking dangerous - an online bookstore, don't even need to leave my Bass Pro Camouflaged Easy Chair and it's instantly there.
So, knowing how I am when it comes to books, I put some limits on it. Just history books, no more than 10 bucks a week, no more than 1 purchase a day, blah blah blah. Lots of rules, just like a fucking democrat, I know. Not that I'm going to stick by those rules anyways.
But the first thing I did was download a whole shitload of free books, stuff like Thomas Payne, Benjamin Franklin, Robert E Lee, The Constitution and BoR, stuff like that.
So what was going to be the very first thing I read on my brand new (to me) Kindle? That was easy:

Patrick Henry's famous speech.
I swear, every time I read that speech it sends shivers down my back. I can hear his voice starting out slowly and rising with each major point, pausing for a moment and then continuing on until finally finishing with his famous line "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!"
What a great orator. I wish I could've heard it in person.