Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Transparency at it finest

WASHINGTON — A long-simmering fight between Republican lawmakers and the Obama administration sharply escalated on Wednesday, as a Congressional panel recommended that the House of Representatives cite Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. for contempt and President Obama asserted executive privilege to shield Justice Department documents from disclosure.


While I think what happened with Fast & Furious was not only a crime but an outrage, and while I think Holder's much more involved than is suspected, and while I think the cocksucker should be hung, drawn and quartered for the murder of Brian Terry, I have to agree with Sam that the only thing dwelling on this will accomplish is force us to take our eyes away from our goals, the restoration of a Constitutional Government. Sam went on to say that if they tried Holder and found him guilty, his shit would be in appeals while he's out on bail from now to never and inside of 3 weeks of him leaving the Justice Department, he'll be pulling in six figures or more a year as a lobbyist or consultant or something else just as loathsome, like a tick or a tapeworm or even a Kennedy. Okay, I threw in the Kennedy part.
They might as well just drop the investigation and move on. Obama ain't gonna let Whitey fuck with his boy.


PALADIN said...

When and the fuck will Congress grow a set and DEMAND A SPECIAL PROSECUTOR and deal with it the way it should be dealt a criminal case ! Fuck sakes , this bastard and his minions are the most Dangerous People ever to be appointed to lead this country and people don't see it ! November can't come soon enough to turf the worthless bastards out and maybe, just maybe, a new administration will give these turds a hard stare...not gonna hold my breath though. I wish the jag-off would invoke his executive privledge to resign.

Chris said...

Just because it's gonna take a long time to get a conviction in this case, or for that matter, all the convictions of all those involved is no reason not to pursue this case. It would go a long way to doing just what you want.

appointing a special prosecutor is the last thing we need. The special prosecutor would bring to a crashing halt everything the Congress is trying to accomplish.

Patience, gentlemen. We will have our due.