Saturday, June 02, 2012

We've got a woman in Office now, don't we?

“As long as we stay engaged, and we keep empowering women, I have no doubt we will see a woman in the Oval Office very soon,” Michelle Obama told backers in a campaign video designed to respond to questions posed on Twitter.


Keephonking Imreloading said...

We already have a female president. He's more feminine than his wife, too!

Wraith said...

If enough people #writeinSarah, maybe it'll happen sooner than she thinks. ;)

Tom said...

As long as she remembers her way to the kitchen to make us sandwiches.

RegT said...

We've got a fag in office right now. I think - hell, I KNOW - a real woman would be superior to that piece of shit.

Except for maybe MicHELLe. Well, she isn't a real woman either, so I guess I'm covered there. She's the poster child for the word "steatopygia".

(Maybe when they are done fooling around with hookers and cocaine, the old SS will come look me up.)