Friday, June 15, 2012

No wonder we're so fucking broke

The White House will halt the deportation of as many as 800,000 young illegal immigrants and in some cases give them work permits, in a sweeping new initiative announced by the Department of Homeland Security.
People under 30 who entered the country illegally or overstayed their visas when they were under the age of 16 will be immune from deportation if they have not committed a significant misdemeanor or felony and have graduated from a U.S. high school or joined the military. They can apply for a renewable two-year work permit that won't provide a path to citizenship but will allow them to work legally in the country. Applicants will have to prove they've lived in the country for five consecutive years.
Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told reporters on Friday that she believed the move "is the right thing to do," and will help the agency focus on deporting criminals. "It is not immunity, it is not amnesty," she said. "It is an exercise of discretion so that these young people are not in the removal system."
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And illegals under the age of 30 won't take American's jobs......
They're paving the way for full amnesty, a little at a time, just like gun control and the erosion of the rest of our Rights.


Glenn B said...

Fuck Obama, fuck wetbacks.

wirecutter said...

I agree, Glenn. You want to come to this country legally and assimilate into OUR culture, welcome to America and what can I do to help.
If they gave to the Border Patrol1/2 the money the government spent pandering to illegals, we wouldn't be in the straits we're in.

Mr. Miracle said...

You know, this is just going to make deportations easier. The rules he announced say "No criminal history". THis means, aside from the fact that all illegals have already broken the law, that anyone stopped for anny criminal offense is negating their status. So, any traffic law violation, Minor in Possession, shoplifting, hell even jaywalking, will be a criminal offense. Am I right, or just wishing?

ddiddly said...

My wife of 20 years is from Honduras. She came legally (visitor visa) to Cali where I met and married her. We started her path to citizenship with an INS interview and a resident green card. Six years ago I proudly watched as she raised her right arm and took the oath of U.S. citizenship. We shared that day with others who had inspirational journeys to get there, including those who served several years in the military to earn it.

I will say this. This act from (fuck) Obama today has incensed legal immigrants including my wife (a proud Conservative). I would be surprised if it didn't completely backfire on the motherfucker as a large group of Hispanics abandon the panderer-in-chief.

Father Confessor said...

This country being broke isnt a bug, it's a FEATURE to all the lefties. Remember, we're the bad guys to them.