Monday, July 09, 2012

DMV at it's finest

Somehow or another I've become an outlaw. My hunting license, my driver's license and vehicle registration expired over the past week and if I'm going to continue to do the things I enjoy doing with a minimum of hassle, then I needed to catch up on all this shit.
The registration would be easiest so I got online and managed that okay, but then I remembered that I've moved in the past 6 months so I needed to put in a change of address so they'll mail my tags to the right place.
So I get back online. First I had to register so I did that, then submitted my change of address only to have it kicked back because I needed to sign in. I just registered and didn't even close the screen, so why in the fuck do I have to sign in? But hey, I sign in only to have that kicked back saying I needed to activate my account by clicking on the link in my email, so I go to my email and guess what? Nothing from DMV in my inbox, trash or spam folders.
I go back to the DMV site and try to re-register and that gets refused because there already is an account containing that information, you know, mine? The one I just opened and can't access? I try to sign in again and get told to fuck off again.
Fuck this, I try to call but all of their 'technicians' are busy so I get a message saying to enter my phone number and they will call me back. I do that and I'll be buttfucked if their autmatic voice system comes right back and tells me thank you, they have my number, please stand by my phone because they will be calling me back between ONE AND FOUR HOURS from now. One to four hours? That's the best they can do?
Motherfuckers, if I wanted to waste my entire fucking day dealing with DMV, I would've just went down there.
And they wonder why this State is broke. All it would've taken was a person saying "Okay, you moved from here to there? Let me verify your new address, Mr Lane. Okay, have a nice day." That's it. Their fucking menu on their phone system takes longer to listen to than it would've taken a real live person to talk to me which is what's going to happen anyways.
Fuck this shit. I'm getting in the shower to wash my nasty parts over and over and over again and if I miss their call, they can kiss my fucking ass.


So about 5 minutes after I posted this I get a call from DMV and what do they do? Put me on motherfucking hold..... When I finally get somebody on the line I politely tell her the problem and that I want to do a change of address over the phone.
You can only imagine how far I launched my phone when she told me they won't do address changes over the phone, only in person or online......
Fuck this shit, I'll wait until I get pulled over. I'll haul out my confirmation that my fees have been paid and I'll let our boy in camo submit my change of address for me. After all it is in their job description to SERVE and protect, right? Well, serve me then, motherfucker.


Irish said...

Well I guess when they kiss your ass it will be nice and clean :)

The DMV SUCKS here too so don't feel to bad.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing then that you just had a Birthday! Happy Birthday Ken! Greg

timbo said...

That's just what they want you to do! You have to go there and fix it, or the cocksuckers will fine the shit out of you when you get pulled over - guaran damn tee it!
Don't let the pricks win and get another cent out of you.

rpm2day said...

I feel your pain. I'm currently working on getting an old car off of non-op. Smog cert, two trips to DMV and a fat check written...

And DFG. I renewed the hunting license online and the DFG still sends me two separate indentical envelopes filled with renewal paperwork.

Efficient we much!

Huckleberry said...

Aint that free goverment healthcare going to be just fucking grand.

Ben C said...

Hit the post office quick and make sure they will forward your mail.

I think you can do that online too :P

angrymike said...

Yep I agree, Saturday I was at the old lady's house, its pretty much corn fields and a few homes, she says she wants some shit from the store. I jump in my truck and not 2 miles down the road there's a SAFETY check point. I put on my seat belt pull up and give my insurance card and license. The only thing the LEO says is 'have you had any thing to drink. I tell him I quit sometime ago and he waves me past. Safety my ass, they want drunk money. Fuck um I quit awhile ago so I guess the crack in my windshield is safe..........

MSgt B said...

Just wait until they run your health care.