Sunday, July 08, 2012

Heat realted deaths in Chicago rises to 18

CHICAGO (STMW) – The death of eight more people in Chicago over the weekend have been attributed at least in part to heat-related causes, bringing the total of heat-related deaths in Cook County to 18, surpassing the total from last year.


Every time I read or hear about heat related deaths in an urban area, I have to wonder 'Do these people not own fucking bathtubs?'
I can understand an elderly person succumbing to the heat, but if you'll follow the link in the story it gives a few that are middle aged that didn't have to die.
I would hope that my readers are a cut above your average 6th grader but I will throw this tip out there for you anyways:
Motherfuckers, if you start to overheat, fill your tub with cool water and climb in. It not only feels good but it cools your core temperature so that you'll continue to feel cool after you get out.


Oswald Bastable said...

'It's fucking hot.'

So get in water and drink fucking beer untill you dont feel hot.

I used to work in an area that went between 40C and -10C within 24 houra and that was in the summer.

a 50 degree swing. No fucker died.

But we drank a shitload of beer.


Erinyes said...

I spent all day Friday on a roof in full sun in 95 degree heat and 90% humidity here in the tropics at my age and survived. A guy I work with was up there half as long as me and he is fifteen years younger than me and he was bitching (albeit rightly) more than me. We're a nation of pussies now.

Toejam said...

18 heat related deaths......

and in the same weekend,

48 gunshot deaths......

"Chicago, Chicago my home town."

Come on to the south side and meet the Boyz in de Hood.

Anonymous said...

Since when has chicago ever been considered a hot bed of intelligence?

Stinkwilly said...

I've heard of people "packing heat", maybe that's what they are referring to, especially in chicago!!!! Anywhere else I'm sure points to summer weather.hahahaha
It was 101 yesterday and I saw two fuckheads out JOGGING!!!That showed me they were already brain dead.

Anonymous said...

We have raised a generation of people who are totally devoid of common sense and survival instincts.
Many, if not most of them think meat is grown in plastic packages, milk comes from plastic jugs and air-conditioning is a civil right.
God help us.
Paul in Texas