Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mohammed forgot to leave the door unlocked again.


MissK said...

Enjoying the view...

The Steel Ibeam said...

I am convinced that goats are one of the most ludicrous animals on the planet. While in Anguilla (Caribbean) we were on a boat going around the island and up on a sheer cliff that was at least 60 feet vertical were these goats riddled on the side of it above the ocean. It was if someone had a cannon on a ship loaded with goats and peppered the cliff side.

My grandmother also raised Boer Goats. They are raised for their meat and when smoked, like at Thanksgiving the one year, it actually tasted like a smoked ham only better. Didnt think it was possible. I recall going to my grandparents and seeing these bastards up on the roof, playing on a seesaw they had built or on a 50 gallon water barrel. They are quite comical to say the least.

I know this post was regarding humor of Achmed Abdul Jabber Wubar's goat being locked out, but I just had to shed some light of how they do make me laugh.