Saturday, July 07, 2012

Our friend the Wolf.....

Saw this in Pravda a little while ago and had to post it for all the PETAphiles and other animal rights people that might land here:

Kolmarden Wildlife Park in Sweden is a popular tourist attraction with up to half a million visitors a year. On Sunday it became the centre of a horror scene as a pack of eight wolves launched a ferocious attack on their 30-year-old keeper, mauling her to death.
The attack happened around 11 a.m. Sunday morning at Sweden's largest zoo when the 30-year-old keeper entered the wolves' pen to treat the animals she had helped to rear when they were cubs. For some reason the animals launched a ferocious attack on her as she was treating them, alone in the enclosure with nobody around.
The alarm was given when she had failed to make radio contact with the authorities. Colleagues went to the scene but could not enter the enclosure due to the ferocity of the animals and the emergency services were called.
All they could do was to look on helplessly as the woman, still alive, was trying to fend off the ferocious animals tearing her apart in front of their eyes. The wolf enclosure was particularly attractive to visitors because they were allowed to go inside to pet the wolves.
There were no witnesses to the attack. The keeper had been working for three years at the zoo and had helped raise the wolves when they were cubs - staff often entered the enclosure alone.
Experts state that such attacks are extremely rare among wolves in zoos. It has not yet been decided whether the wolves will be destroyed.
Timofei Belov

And also in Pravda I found this:

Our friend the Turkey.....
A turkey pecked at a 2-year-old boy in the temple in a village in Ukraine. The bird broke the child's skull brought in an infection. The parents brought the child to the hospital when it was too late, and the child died.
At first, the parents went to a rural paramedic. The child was taken to the regional hospital only on the second day after incident. The child was having fever and nausea all the time and then developed purulent meningitis. The infection deteriorated the brain, and the child died on the second day.
"Unfortunately, the child arrived in the state of clinical death. We, unfortunately, could not do anything, but everything was done to save this child", a neurosurgeon said. "There was a so-called anaerobic infection on the beak of the bird, to which tetanus is referred - we will find this out from the bacteriological analysis. This infection was extremely aggressive, and led to the development of purulent meningitis in one day," he added, reports.
The police also investigate the responsibility of the child's parents.


Motherfucking animals are getting out of control, man. Something needs to be done about this shit. The first attack was probably on a liberal so that's cool, but the little fucker in the second story deserves some revenge.
I hope they serve that turkey at the funeral.


WiscoDave said...

Took a shower outside Saturday afternoon. Stepped out of the shower and heard a whole bunch of snarling and spitting/hissing! Thought the MF kittens on the screen porch were tearing it up. Looked to my right and saw a G-damn raccoon next to the shower door; damn near had stepped on it! Grabbed a long shafted weed scraper and went to town. Other than a broom handle I took out I got the critter. 1730 hrs, broad daylight... Fuckers are getting bold now! Wife wouldn't go outside the rest of the night!

Paul, Dammit! said...

Ah, the noble, magnificent wolf. I know some assbag is going to comment about how this is only a result of them being corralled and managed by a human, missing the point that it happened because a human was within striking distance when they were hungry, which can be avoided by shooting them on sight.
As for the turkey, they're smart little pricks. A week before the season opens in New England, the little bastards all dissappear. The rest of the time they're on the roads like flies on turds.

Danne said...

A wolf is a wolf, a bear is a pity lost on fools who read the laws of nature wrong. They pay the price :)

Cheesy said...

Seems pack mentality is the same, regardless of species - that includes humans.

Dannes other said...

PETA - Progressives Eaten, That's Acceptable.

The count goes on:
Roy Horn : Tiger
Woman at Berlin Zoo: Polar Bear
Timothy Treadwell: Griz
Li Xiato: Giant Panda

Wildlife just loves Progressives ! LOL!!

hiswiserangel said...

"Colleagues went to the scene but could not enter the enclosure due to the ferocity of the animals and the emergency services were called."

Not one person had a rifle? Not one marksman among them? This is what happens when ignorance meets bad planning.

Anonymous said...

They always fucking blame mom and dad. Pieces of shit. It was an accident. Not mom and dad's fault, but I am sure they made mom and dad feel like shit over it.

Oswald Bastable said...

'She disagreed with something that ate her...'