Sunday, July 08, 2012

Over 3 dozen discrepancies found in the Obamessiah's book.

Only 3 dozen? That ain't bad considering the motherfucker's whole life is a lie.


Anonymous said...

The Veep of the pub agency needs to change his last name to Faerie

If HNIC Obwana is losing a dyed-in-the-wool LibProgtard like Marranis the fraud is unraveling

Kenyan. Commie. Muzz. Dicksmoker.

Complete with shrill Marxist harpy wide-assed Klingon bitch beard



drjim said...

I just saw something about Sheriff Joe finding the forger who mad 0bummer's "birth certificate".
They'd better keep this guy under wraps, or the HNIC will have him offed!

Anonymous said...

Well, the story they told a while ago was that Bill Ayer`s ghost authored his book`s.

Anonymous said...

If my memory serves me right, I think there is the possibility that Bill Ayers and his bitch ghost wrote it. Nobama will blame it on Bush or someone else anyway...A narcissist cannot accept that he did anything wrong.