Thursday, July 05, 2012

Wirecutter's Toilet Critique

Those are toilets, right? Because last time I did a post like this, y'all were quick to point out that one of them was a bidet and called me a fucking hillbilly. Assholes.
This one has 2 shitters and a fucking poker table to boot but not a magazine rack or book in sight - they must be encouraging a quick turnaround for some reason although the poker table contradicts that. They probably have kids - boys first, then the girls and then finally Mom and Dad can enjoy a dump together.
Lots of toilet paper, too. They must be democrats because they're full of shit.
Flowers too. Those motherfuckers wouldn't survive in my bathroom, nothing else does after I'm done in there.
 Fuck, two toilets? I always just pissed between her legs.