Monday, July 09, 2012

Woman gropes cop, dies

A friendly hug at a Detroit house party proved fatal for a woman after she accidentally discharged an off-duty cop's handgun.
Adaisha Miller, 24, attended a fish fry at the home of an off-duty Detroit police officer on Saturday and, at around midnight, began to hug or dance with the officer from behind and accidentally set off his gun, according to Detroit police chief Ralph Godbee, Jr.
The police department didn't release the name of the officer but said that he has been cooperative with an internal investigation launched in the wake of the shooting and is shocked at what happened.
Godbee said that the officer had been concealing his department-issued .40 caliber Smith and Wesson semiautomatic hand gun in a holster in his waistband when Miller placed her hands on his waist. Godbee indicated that Miller had seemingly touched the gun in some way, causing it to fire. There is no safety switch on the weapon, he said.
"I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying this but for the sake of transparency, it is possible for the trigger to be manipulated with that type of holster," Godbee said. "Typically the barrel is facing down, but the preliminary investigation indicates that there was some manipulation along the officer's waistline that he did not control and subsequently the weapon discharged."
Godbee said that there was no indication from evidence or witnesses that the officer had placed his hand on the weapon. The investigation will include forensic analysis by the Detroit State Police and a medical examiner's report.


Tim said...

Its amazing how many similar stories there are about cops.

conservativeBC said...

Wirecutter, can you help with this?

Brock Townsend said...

Speaking of holes in experience.

The FSEE And My 45. Caliber Derringer
I always kept my derringer in my right rear pocket, and one day as I was riding my motorcycle in the rain a Vietnamese Lambretta pulled out in front of me, which caused me to spill. I was fairly close to an American hospital, so I went there and they bandaged my arms up. The next day, I was doing the same thing, again in the rain, when a Korean jeep pulled the same stunt. When I went down, I heard an explosion and thought my motor had blown up. I was near the same hospital that I had gone to the day before, so I returned, and they took off my old bandages and put on new ones. I guess that at least I was consistent when I fell! I vowed then that I would buy a car, which I did later on. At any rate, when I got home, and as I was taking my pants off, I noticed a tear running from the bottom of my right rear pants pocket to an area just above my right knee. As soon as I saw this, I had a sinking feeling, and sure enough when I broke the derringer open, one round had been fired. Needless to say, I was very lucky as if it had hit my knee, I imagine that I would have been crippled. The next morning, I nervously read the newspapers in fear that I would see where a child had been killed by a stray bullet, but fortunately that was not the case.

Dragon said...

So this cop is saying that the other cop had a PROPERLY HOLSTERED WEAPON, and said weapon was IWB.

Every IWB holster that I've ever seen (and the ones I build and sell) that are true *holsters* cover the trigger. The only way to manipulate the gun to get your booger hook on the bang switch is to draw the damned thing out of the holster.

Or is he claiming that the young lady thought she was manipulating his *weapon*, and instead was manipulating his gun?

Was it a case of prema...oh, nevermind. ;-)

Toejam said...

When I was on the job in the 1960's When off duty I carried a .25 cal baby Browning in an ankle holster.

Unlike the studs in the porno flicks who went to work wearing their black socks I unstrapped the holster and put it in the babe's dirty undergarment laundry basket under some panties where I knew my piece would be safe. Most bore those very visible "skid marks".....Ah, aromatic foreplay!