Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another one bites the dust

I love Buck knives, in particular their Buck 110 folder. It's balanced well, just the right size and they're put together well. I'm one of those people that'll say "Yeah, I know a knife is not a pry bar and while I don't have a pry bar handy I do have my Buck knife" so I expect my knives to be tough enough to use for whatever I may need them for throughout my day.
I go through a 110 about every 2 years and I've yet to replace one because I broke it - they last until I wear them motherfuckers out as evidenced by the picture below.

The top knife was bought this morning, the bottom one is just a tad over 2 years old. You can tell I can't stand a dull knife, huh? And I use a stone to sharpen my knives for the most part.

I don't do a whole lot of modifications to the new knife other than grind some serrations into the brass where my thumb rests when cutting upwards to keep same from slipping and riding up the blade.
I'll also take some valve lapping compound and work it into the knife, spending a day or two doing it, so I can slide it out of it's sheath and thumb it open one handed.
I'll use the same sheath seeing as it's already molded to the shape of a Buck. I don't care for their stock leather sheaths anyways, that fucking snap goes after about 6 months so I bought a handful of cordura sheaths a few years back and I like those real well.
I always carry my knife the exact same way in it's sheath so there's no fumbling to open it - It comes out and my thumb lays on the flat of the blade and pushes it open.

Yes, I know everybody has their favorite knives. This is mine. It does everything I ask of it reasonably well be it skinning out a coyote, hammering small nails, trimming my fingernails or cutting through copper wire. And they don't break.

Buck Knives - Wirecutter approved. There's a reason the motherfuckers have been around since 1902.