Thursday, August 30, 2012


I've mentioned Celox in a couple of prepping posts and have gotten a few emails wanting to know more about it, where to buy it, how effective is it, etc.
I don't know how effective it is. I have been fortunate enough to have never used it. So far.
The best thing I can do is link you to the home page:
It can be bought on Amazon and a bunch of different other sites.

I want to stress that while this stuff is wonderful in stemming moderate to severe bleeding, please remember that it is first aid, not a treatment.
Don't get your dumb ass shot or cut up real bad, pour some Celox into it and drive on. Get yourself to a doctor along with the empty package and have them properly clean (very important) and dress the wound.


WiscoDave said...

I' cheap and bought some blood stop powder made by Agripharm. It's intended for livestock use but WTF, good enough for my critters = good enough for me. Stuffs a LOT cheaper than Celox and other clotting agents. Only comes in a white granular powder so you have to pour and pat it on. Works great; stings like a MF though! Only have had to use it on cuts and lacerations, nothing too deep.
Never have had any side affects or other...
DAMNIT! Chipped my hoof again! Son of a bitch!!!
Sorry 'bout that. As I was saying, seems to work and is cheap. Check farm stores and possibly some chain pet stores.

Anonymous said...

All things being equal, I will choose QuikClot Combat Gauze over celox at every opportunity.

Works much better. Way less messy.

Anonymous said...

Haven't used Celox, but have used QuikClot ... several times, once on an arterial bleeder in the hand


The older xeolite-based powder got bad-rapped - mostly as a result of improper use. IT WORKS ... see above

Adventure Medical Kits has a Trauma Pack [over@ LAPG] that has QuikClot in it, along with other trauma gear] for about $20. The QuikClot alone is worth more than that. [SKU #: AMK-2064-0292]

Off topic, but my 2 cents


Toaster 802 said...

DO NOT use celox powder on chest or abdomen wounds. The thermal effect will fry organs and severely fuck you up. Not to mention if you use it on the major arteries to the limbs, you have cauterized the artery shut, and it will have to be surgically repaired with grafts. Better to use a tourniquet for that type of injury.Use with caution, or you will just add to your problems.

Giving a whole new meaning to the stupid, it burns.

Jim said...

Just .02 from New Zealand (so, worth less than .02 from the US), but, you will not find a single doctor anywhere who (after reading any medical journal) would choose QuikClot over Celox. The damage to the wound cavity in QC compromises healing dramatically, and the later generations which don't burn as much are partially hydrolized and therefore the functionality is muted. Celox has been used on open heart surgery! Just the opinion of one guy, and yes, I love Celox.

Anonymous said...


the old version of QuikClot WAS used intracorporally; see Journal of Trama Surgery

unadsorbed portions could be irrigated out of a wound cavity, with stable hemostasis, and no marked thermal damage

the NEW version doesn't use a zeolite base; it uses a glass-like kaolin matrix .... more effective, no exothermy, and it can be used in gauze and bandage rolls


Anonymous said...

Celox is by far superior. It is actually the only one that stops bleeding for those who are on blood thinners (50 million Americans alone) and it does not cause any burning sensation as it causes no exothermic reactions. But the cheap stuff, well you get what you pay for is all I can tell you. I would rather spend a few dollars to know that I wont need to go to the emergency room and spend $100 copay minimum rather than risk it. Pay for it now or pay bigger for it later. This stuff has saved lives in the military people. Why do you think it's a main product that they rely on? I found this site. They give out free samples from time to time. They distribute it and have lots of great info on their site about the product for those that want more info.

Father Confessor said...

CELOX is made from organisms such as shrimp. I am ALLERGIC to shrimp.

Take this into account.

Sorry, but dying from blood loss is preferable to asphixiating.

wirecutter said...

Father Confessor - From the link you referenced:
The chitosan used in Celox has been affirmed to the US FDA as GRAS under 21 CFR ΞΎ170.30. This terminology is used for materials which have been thoroughly assessed and reviewed by panel of experts and are deemed to be generally regarded as safe (GRAS). As part of this work it has been tested on 221 human subjects with suspected hypersensitivity. None of the subjects showed any skin reaction to the chitosan. 11 of the subjects gave a positive reaction in a standard fish/shrimp prick test but did not react to this highly purified chitosan.

Read the last 3 sentences.