Thursday, August 30, 2012

I missed Beat The Shit Out Of A Nurse Day?

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A Los Angeles Police Department commanding officer has been removed amid an internal investigation into a videotaped beating in which officers tackled a handcuffed registered nurse to the ground, police Chief Charlie Beck said Wednesday.
Beck said previously that he had "serious concerns" about the use of force against Michelle Jordan, 34, who was arrested in the Tujunga area on Aug. 21 after being stopped for talking on a cellphone while driving, police said.
Jordan got out of the car and cursed the two officers who stopped her, witnesses and Jordan's husband told KNBC-TV.
Fast-food restaurant surveillance video obtained by the TV station ( ) showed officers taking her to the ground. After she is handcuffed and walked to a police car, the 5-foot-4 woman is tackled a second time by an officer who lands on top of her.
"She made some unwise moves," her attorney, Sy Nazif, told the station. "But certainly nothing that warranted a physical assault from the LAPD."
Photos show scrapes on Jordan's face, shoulders and chest.
The officers involved in the incident have been removed from patrol duty until an LAPD investigation is complete. One is a 22-year veteran and the other is a probationary officer with 10 months on the force.


Just another example of the fucking cops doing whatever the fuck they want to whoever they want.
If she was mouthing off, why wasn't she just laughed off, issued her $300+ ticket and allowed to leave? Or at the very most, arrested without force if they felt they had cause? Talking shit to a cop is now an ass-kicking offense?
One of the cops was a 22 year employee - you'd think by that time his badge-heavy attitude would've worn off.
Fucking punks should be fired and prosecuted for assault.