Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Israel - "Hey, she should've known better."

An Israeli judge has found no error in the military investigation that acquitted the Israeli Defense Force of the killing of a US activist by a bulldozer. The judge reiterated that the death was an accident.
­Nine years after US activist Rachel Corrie was crushed to death by an Israeli army bulldozer, her family has been handed a verdict in their civil lawsuit against Israel.


The dumbass apparently didn't realize that she was in Israel instead of the US and got her ass ran over by a bulldozer for being stupid. Oh well.
She laid down in front of a bulldozer...... huh, when I was a kid I was taught not to play in the street because I might get hurt.


timbo said...

I am happy for this outcome. Maybe some will learn to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS!

hiswiserangel said...

You know, the top speed of a bulldozer is definitely slow enough to admit you're a dumbass and get out of the way. Cruel I know, but all I can think is at least she's out of the breeding pool.

rpm2day said...

Send her parents the Ghillie suit story, might cheer them up to know that their precious little girl wasn't the only idjit out there.

tiwimon said...



Nick said...

You don't play chicken with a moving vehicle of any kind when you're on foot.

I mean, that's pretty basic, isn't it?

Tom Smith said...


WiscoDave said...

C'mon! Without her we wouldn't celebrate March 16th as St. Pancake Day!!!

Wrench said...

Guess she thought she was a widget... Stops almost any rational thought.

AbbyK said...

I remember when this happened. The libtard actually SAT DOWN in front of the bulldozer! The driver never seen her and put 'er in Drive! The 'dozer was there to destroy a smugglers' tunnel that was being used to to send weapons to Palestine.

One less lib in the world is a good thing!

Jumblerant said...

Her parents said that (and I paraphrase here) that it was a sad day for human rights.

You have the right to lie down in front of my bulldozer, whilst other people throw rocks at me, shout at me through loud-hailers and lie down elsewhere too.

I have the right to not notice that you are lying in the path of my 25 machine.

Everyone's rights are preserved.

wirecutter said...

Well put, Jumblerant.

Toejam said...

"Human rights" is the mantra of the Libtards.

The only rights you deserve are the ones you earn.

May she be rotting in an Islamic hell!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, no shit !. When she was a kid her dad should have taken her by the hand and walked her up to some nasty road-kill ,and said " sweetie, this is you on liberalism".