Friday, August 17, 2012

My excitement for the day

So I'm on Highway 132 on my way home today doing about 75 and there's a white fucking slug up in front of me barely doing the speed limit which is 55, by the way. I slide up behind him and it's a fucking Prius, man - The Official Car of the Liberal and I'll be damned if it wasn't flying an Obama sticker right in my face.
Fuck that shit, man.
You gotta know that 132 is a two lane road with a couple of passing lanes a few miles apart and it's pretty much straight for the most part so you can see forever, there not being any trees around here. Oh yeah, it's also heavily traveled depending on the time of the day.
So anyways, I figured that turnabout was fair play so I pulled out to pass him so he could look at my Fuck Obama sticker on my tailgate for a few miles. Fucking asshole - me, not him. So I pulled out to pass and..... Man, I have no idea where that fucking semi came from..... scared the fuck out of that driver, though. At least he knows his brakes and horn work but I'd hate to be the poor bastard that had to unload that trailer.
Yeah man, all of a sudden I looked up from my can of Copenhagen and holy shit I knew at that moment what a bug must feel like. So what did I do? I reached up to turn the stereo down and did my damnedest to run that Prius off the road. Turn the stereo down? Seriously? What the fuck was that all about? Was I wanting to hear the crunch of all those batteries or what?
By the time I got my shit together and looked in the rear view mirror I had slowed to about 50 but that Prius was way the fuck back and the truck was pulling over to the shoulder of the road.
Fucking liberals......