Friday, August 24, 2012

On second thought.....

Lisa went into a shop this afternoon to pick something up so I bought something also. When we got home, I opened the package and found that the trinket I bought was broken so I grabbed the reciept and headed back down for an exchange. No big deal, shit happens, you know?
I explained to the owner the problem, gave him the reciept and smiled. He then pointed to the sign that said "No refunds or exchanges".
I quit smiling. "Naw, you don't want to be pissing me off now, man."
"Is that a threat you are making, Boss?"
"Yup. Uh-huh." I was looking around for shit to start breaking.
"Perhaps we can work something out. After all, it is not your fault." Turns out Hari the Hindu was a pretty reasonable guy after all.