Friday, August 31, 2012

Wow. A good cop.

I went to the ATM this morning and naturally, being a Friday there was a crowd of people there waiting to get some cash money. I went to what appeared to be the back of the line for one of the ATMs, behind an older lady. When one of the ATMs became available she went towards it only to be crowded out by a fucking muslim dude, headrag and all - she protests that she was next and he tells her to fuck off. Seriously, a woman in her 60s getting told to fuck off?
"Hey man, if there's a dispute, why don't you just let the lady go first?" Simple, courteous solution, right?
"You fuck off, too. This is none of your business" he says.
Wanna bet? You just made it my business.
The whole time, there was a guy behind the muslim acting like he was going to get involved and I knew he was going to hammer the motherfucker from behind if he started any more shit. He just had that look on his face, you know?
"Go do your business, ma'am. There won't be a problem." She walked past the muslim with me and she did her banking while I was directly behind her facing the idiot with a I fucking dare you look on my face. She thanked me, patted me on my arm and left. The asshole was at the other ATM and when he left, the guy that had my back stuck out his hand and said "Nicely handled, Friend. Mike ******, California Highway Patrol."

That just goes to show what I think about the CHP. I have never had a problem, a hassle or gotten a ration of shit from a CHP officer - a ticket or three, but they've always treated me with respect.
I know you'll never see this, but thank you Mike.