Friday, August 31, 2012

Yeah, he's still got it.

I had some errands to run this morning and it was still cool outside so I left the front door open for the breeze. I thought about telling Lisa to latch it because the mailman hadn't been by, but I looked down the road and didn't see him/her, so I said fuck it and took off.
Lisa was in the bathroom when all of a sudden she heard CharlieGodammit nut up and all kinds of hindu cussing so she came running out of the bathroom to see CGD right at the doorway snapping and snarling and getting ready to attack. She hollered at him to stay and hauled ass to the door to grab him but stopped short, busting up laughing because of all the mail scattered all over the yard.
I guess I'm going to have to go get a PO box.....