Sunday, September 02, 2012

Because they didn't give a flying fuck?

Detroit police are investigating why a murder suspect had to turn himself twice before he was arrested.
The 36-year-old man walked into a fire station two hours after he allegedly shot four people at a party early Saturday morning, police said in a statement. Two of the victims died, while the other two were seriously wounded, police said.
The suspect, who was not identified, told firefighters at 3:20 a.m. Saturday that he was connected to the shootings, police said.
Fire fighters called the Detroit Police Department, but they were told all available officers were on high priority runs and that no one would be able to be dispatched to the station, ABC News affiliate WXYZ-TV in Detroit reported.
The suspect left the fire station and went to a police station where he was taken into custody.
Police Chief Ralph Godbee said the department would conduct an administrative investigation to determine whether the situation was handled appropriately.
"Every effort to ensure that this person was taken into police custody should have occurred. Therefore an administrative investigation will be conducted to determine if this police run was handled appropriately and to ascertain if there were any other patrol resources which should have been made available to respond to the Detroit Fire Engine Quarters," Godbee said.
A message left by with the Detroit police was not immediately returned.


Craig said...

I heard Detroit is in the process to change its name to New Mogadishu.

RegT said...

Like the FBI in Miami so many years ago, they were probably too busy banging a waitress to be bothered responding.

Or should I have said, "Like the Secret Service, banging and snorting coke with prostitutes in Colombia . . . "

SingingDetective said...

Good to have you back writing Wirecutter :) I visit your blog daily. As someone who lives in the suburbs about an 45 minutes outside of "DeToilet". It's been called the "Mogadishu of the West" for several years now. When I work there on assignment, (which is maybe once every 2 weeks for a day or two) I'm strapped with my carry weapon and at the very least some body armor and a few 15+ round reloads (I'm a PI). This is the same town, which back on New Years, had paramedics with Detroit FD recording cellphone video of them stuck, in a disabled truck with gunfire erupting nearby. Another recent development is the closing of several area stations (been letting go firefighters and closing station houses, it has abysmal response times 20+ to respond to house fires (A city block burned last summer after a power surge) they didn't have the manpower). Yet, they're putting their historic FD HQ up for sale so they can spend several million dollars for a brand spanking new state of the art money pit when they could simply renovate existing facilities for considerably less. But the brass wants a new shiny. To hell with hiring qualified Firefighters, or buying new equipment or maintaining facilities they already have). It's a shame.. You want more on the joke that is Detroit, I'd be happy to provide fodder for you to post on the regular :)

Phssthpok said...

"All our officers are on a high priority call.....apparently there's been a mass shooting at a party somewhere near you and they are interviewing witnesses to find out who the shooter was...."

(insert rolled eyes here)

peaowed said...

Early morning...all officers on high priority runs... That's when the donuts come out of the oven.