Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dog tales

Had an email conversation tonight with the ol' boy that posted about the mushrooms almost killing his dogs a week or so back and he told me that they recovered faster than he was able to pay the vet bills. I mentioned that all of my dogs' favorite stunt was to wait until I had saved months and months for something I really wanted and then go out and get run over or something so I could spend my money making the vet's house payment instead of wasting it on a new gun or something.
That brought to mind the pup that I once brought home and that motherfucker had no sooner hit the doorstep and he started shitting and puking. Parvo. Godammit, I hadn't even named it yet. It was a free dog but damn, I can't watch any animal suffer, much less a puppy. So I haul the little bastard down to the vet and $800 later I had a lab pup named Evinrude. What really pissed me off was that damned dog was afraid of the water......