Tuesday, September 04, 2012

For all the Obamney fans out there

If Mitt Romney is such a wonderful man, why wasn't he good enough for the Republican ticket four years ago? Nothing has changed in the past 4 years, yet now all of a sudden he's going to save our country?
Like I told a commenter (who actually called me a leftist) today, come back after 4 years of Obamney and tell me that you have any more Freedoms or if this country is any closer to a Constitional Government.
This politician supported the NDAA, Patriot Act and Assault Weapon Ban. It is a matter of public record.
Fuck him. A little evil is evil and slavery is slavery no matter who the master is.


Grog said...

There was a story buzzing round the web last year that rommney didn't run in 2008 because obama could use the birth certificate issue against mccain because he was born in panama to prove he was allowed to run for office, and this was planned to weaken the Constitution. Don't remember where I read it, but it's plausible with today's political mindset.

Anonymous said...

Ryan is not much better in this regard. He was for NDAA, PATRIOT act, TARP, automotive bailouts, etc., etc.

I'm not real thrilled with the ticket, but what else have we got? Vote for Gary Johnson and ensure an Obama win?

wirecutter said...

That's the beauty of it. Vote for whoever you want.
Vote YOUR conscience, not mine or anybody else's.

Hey, if somebody wants to vote for Romney, that's fine with me, but don't call me a fucking dumbass for standing by MY Principles and casting my ballot for whoever I please. That's my Right as much as it is yours.
And this was not directed at you personally, da_truth, but it gave me another chance to sound off.

Toaster 802 said...

Maybe whenever this topic comes up, you could just post my rant of earlier. Just make sure to and a fuck you towards the addressee for me.

Fucking slaves. There is no way to vote our way out. There is going to be a fight.

Wrap your numbnutted RINO heads around this and understand that it is going to happen with ether of the selectees offered up by the banksters.

wirecutter said...

Goddamn Toaster, it's a good thing we're a continent apart. We'd have us a conspiracy going on in no time.

angrymike said...

I think there's gonna be a fight no matter who wins, if Bammy loses the city's will burn, if he wins there's gonna be a different kind of fight.......

Oldfart said...

I've voted in every Presidential election since 1956 and - almost without exception - I've had to vote for the lesser of the two evils presented by the ruling elites of the major parties. I'm getting on in years now and I have to consider the possibility that this may well be my last election. This time I intend to cast my vote FOR that person I feel is best qualified to serve as President. Due to the machinations of party politics, she won't be on the ballot but I've supported her from the day she was chosen as McCain's VP and - unlike either Romney or Obama - I WILL NOT change my mind (or my vote) simply because the winds of politics have changed.

I grew up in a different America, one that my children cannot believe ever existed. My grandchildren and great-grandchildren are even further alienated. As committed Socialists, both Obama and Romney will destroy whatever remains of that noble experiment. I refuse to give my tacit approval of their actions by voting for either of them. Some have said that my vote for Sarah will be wasted. So be it. On November 7th I will be able to see an honest man in my mirror.

God Bless America!

That Guy said...

At this point, we are just trying do decide if we want Rye bread or Wonder bread for our shit sandwich.