Sunday, September 09, 2012

Fort Ord California today

I'm not even going to hazard a guess as to how many people took their basic traing and AIT at Ft Ord, not to mention the soldiers of the 7th Infantry Division and others that were stationed there.
I do know Pops went through Basic and one of his MOS schools there and I grew up hearing stories of running through the sand, doing PT in the sand, the firing ranges in the sand, eating in the sand, sand everywhere.
My father-in-law Al did his basic at Ord and then was stationed there several times throughout his career. Him and mother-in-law Sue have just recently moved back out here from Tennessee and invited us to go to Ft Ord and Monterey with them yesterday.
I posted pictures from 17 Mile Drive yesterday and today I'm going to post pictures of what's left of Ft Ord. A lot of it has been torn down and replaced with a college campus, but the remains are downright depressing. I'm not familiar with the installation so I can't tell you where any of this is located. Sorry.
Here goes:

Al in front of the barracks that he took Basic Training in.

Al and Sue in front of the opposite barracks.

More views of the barracks, inside and out. There was no electricity so I was just pointing the camera and shooting. Al said that the barracks used to be open bays and must've converted to rooms in later years.

Good ol' military artwork on the walls just inside the doorway.

Now here's some othe shots of buildings that once housed some of the world's best fighting men

Fucking shameful, isn't it? Streets and buildings that were immaculate with manicured lawns and trimmed trees reduced to this.

The tunnel under the freeway from the barracks and training areas to the firing ranges on the beach. Picture hundreds of troops an hour double-timing through here every day, day after day.

So. They treated the installation like they did the soldiers - Thank you for your service, now go away.