Monday, September 10, 2012

Mouthy broad needed to learn when to shut the fuck up

PITTSFIELD -- A local man who police said attacked his mother last December after she yelled at him for eating too much bacon pleaded guilty to two charges on Thursday and was sentenced to four months in jail. In Central Berkshire District Court, 19-year-old Christopher Rougeau of Pittsfield pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault and battery and felony witness intimidation, for pushing his mother, grabbing her by the throat and knocking her to the ground, and disabling a phone she was trying to use to call for help. The incident began, according to a Pittsfield Police report, when Rougeau's mother came home and found him eating a large plate of bacon. She said she had been saving the meat for a special breakfast later in the week. Rougeau is already serving a six-month jail sentence for violating probation and his other sentence will run concurrently to that stint. The underlying charge was another assault and battery against his mother in June 2011.

Thanks to Steve for the link to this grave miscarriage of Justice.