Saturday, September 08, 2012

My day

Went to the beautiful city of Monterey with Lisa and the in-laws today. Now, I'm not much of a beach person as you may or may not already realize - matter of fact, I crossed the Atlantic ocean 8 times before I ever laid eyes on the Pacific and I live only 90 miles from that motherfucker. When I want to go have a good time I go to the mountains because beaches bore the fuck out of me - waves roll in, waves roll out. Waves roll in. waves roll out.....
All that said, I had a pretty damned good day. We went onto the old Ft Ord where Al had been stationed several times - I'll post those pictures in a later post - and then we went into Monterey and had lunch, then into Seaside to see the houses they lived in, and then down 17 Mile Drive.

Wirecutter the Beach Bum

Shark Bait


Some famous tree in the background

Fucking rock was loaded with seals and shit. I knew I should've brought a rifle.