Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Serves you right

An attempt at viral fame ended in tragedy Monday when a 22 year-old social media intern took his love of internet humor too far.
Joshua Flaherty of New Brunswick, NJ passed away at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital late Monday night due to Sepsis, a bacterial infection resulting from a gastrointestinal perforation, following the rectal insertion of precisely 10 pounds of hickory smoked bacon.
“Josh had a really big heart, and he just loved giving people what they wanted,” said Flaherty’s mother Linda. “When he told me about the project, I thought to myself, Josh is a smart kid and he’s made good at this Internet thing so far. What could go wrong?”
Thanks (I think) to Rick for the tip.

Sure, what could go wrong with shoving 10 pounds of bacon up your ass?
And I got news for you, you blasphemous son of a bitch, if you can fit 10 pounds of meat up your ass you've got bigger problems than you're letting on. Can you say closet?
Stupid motherfucker.....