Sunday, September 30, 2012

Some folks have no sense of humor

Lisa's phone out on the patio started ringing and she was in the bedroom resting her back. I checked it out and it was her son Art who lives back in Tennessee.
"What the fuck, man? How ya doin'?" I answered the phone and started towards the bedroom.
"I'm doin' good, man. Just getting up and around, got all fucked up last night" he replies.
I make it to the bedroom and mouth the word 'Art' to Lisa. She whispers back "It's his birthday today."
"Yeah man, a couple of my buddies picked me up and we had a big bonfire. It was a good time." He's going on about his birthday party as I'm standing there in front of Lisa.
"So how much is your bail?" I asked and watched Lisa levitate out of bed when she heard that.
I started laughing and handed the phone to her. "Get the fuck out of here, asshole. Bail...... you motherfucker....."