Monday, September 03, 2012

The Ghost of John Stark

Toaster802 over at Green Mountains Homesteading  turned me onto this new blog:
The Ghost of John Stark
The latest post is a nice biography of Gen. John Stark.


Toaster 802 said...

Thanks for the links Ken.

Anonymous said...

As you are well aware , this country today employ's legion's of professional murderer's for money. In today's politically correct pansy America they are deceitfully referred to as " contractor's ". They are true mercenaries. Burgoyne in his invasion of upstate New York while proceeding down the Hudson river got the idea he was going to send Hessian mercenaries across into southern Vermont. These were German's who didn't give a damn about colonist's beef's with King Geo.III they were there for money. John Stark's force was mostly local's farmer's , blacksmith's and so on.The blue collar worker's of their day . When they met at Bennington Vt. Stark and his homespun Army ......HANDED THEM THEIR GODDAMN ASSES !. portent of thing's to come ?.