Monday, September 03, 2012

Your tax dollars wasted again

NEW YORK (AP) - Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe lost his way kayaking in the waters off New York's Long Island and was picked up by a U.S. Coast Guard boat and ferried to a harbor, officials said Sunday. The 48-year-old actor was kayaking with a friend and launched from Cold Spring Harbor Saturday afternoon on the Long Island Sound, according to U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer Robert Swieciki. As it got dark, the two got lost and eventually headed for shore, beaching their kayaks in Huntington Bay, nearly 10 miles east from where they had set out. The U.S. Coast Guard was patrolling the area, and heard Crowe call out to them from the shore around 10 p.m., Swieciki said. The "Gladiator" actor and his friend, who Swieciki didn't recognize, paddled over to the boat. The Coast Guard officers pulled them up and, along with their kayaks, gave them a ride to Huntington Harbor. "He just needed a little bit of help, he just got a little lost," Swieciki said. "It wasn't really a rescue, really, more of just giving someone a lift."

He never leaves sight of land and gets lost? Hell, even with as bad of a sense of direction that I have, I know all you gotta do is turn around. If land is on your left as you head out, put it on your right when you head back.
Of course, that's not as easy as calling the Coast Guard who is there to provide rides to dumbasses.


Paul, Dammit! said...

What else can you expect with a bunch of federal officers from landlocked states trying to play Navy?

I had my own run in with the Sea Scouts the other day. Sailboat got run under my bow and stuck like a fish bone in your throat, and they let it sit there and smash iself, and infinitely worse, chew up my paint, for 2 hours waiting to see if a tow boat would come. The pricks wouldn't even give a ride to the 4 people who were in the sailboat prior to them running it into a parked tank like mine. The NYPD took them all home without any fuss, like true champs.

timbo said...

What a slimeball. Either he's too stupid to be allowed to live, or he just figured someone would take care of things for him.

Who would go in one direction until dark? That sums it up right there.

Tim Guerrini said...

He made it to shore. There is not a site anywhere near that area that is more than a half-mile from roads or houses. He is too dumb to turn around and too lazy to walk. So much for the action hero image.