Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bill Fletcher

Well, I see that the III's favorite troll - that bitch Bill Fletcher of Yreka CA - is back. I checked my comments when I came in and saw this:

AnonymousAnonymous said...
u little gay fuck
October 25, 2012 6:37 AM

We had a PatCon up there that he hosted back in April and he seemed somewhat normal. Me, Woody and Joe had a good time, thought we had a solid contact....... and then the silly sonofabitch got fucking weird. He started leaving shitty little comments under various names, liberty being one of his favorites, on all the III blogs. Nothing constructive, just shit like the one above.
Then I did a post where I reminded him that I knew exactly where he lived and while I was up there visiting, I mapped out the layout of his house and established firing lanes and fields of fire as well as checked out cover and concealment. I even made it a point of being friendly with his dogs. Yeah, I know, I'll never get invited to your house...... Anyways, after that post, his abuse towards me stopped. He actually took the subtle hint that I was attempting to convey. Then a month or so ago he started fucking with Bill, Sam, and Craig. Now it's back to me.
So yeah, I think I figured out what his problem is - he's a fucking tweaker. That explains his mood swings, his illusions of grandeur and is irrationality. I mean, I did absolutely nothing to the man, as a matter of fact we parted with a handshake and a man hug and promises to meet again up near Joe's place.
Bill - you may have moved, I know your property was in foreclosure when I was up there, but if you have a vehicle registered in your name, if you pay a single fucking bill, you can be found. You may come home some evening and find your fucking dog's head nailed to your front door and a nasty surprise waiting for you inside if you keep pissing people off.