Friday, October 12, 2012

Goodbye, old friend.

I finally broke down and bought a new Buck knife, a 110. I had to, my latest old one was about wore out. I usually go through one every couple of years but I've had this one for four or five years now. When I first get a new Buck I take lapping compound and work the joint real good until I can open it easily one handed, then I grind serrations into the brass where my thumb lays to keep me from having to get more stitches.
This one opens one handed out of the box and as always I was amazed at how much I've ground the blade down by constant sharpening - I won't tolerate a dull knife. Yeah, I go through as many fine Arkansas stones as I do knives.

Check out how thin that blade is, how the lock is riding up and if you look  close at the brass nearest the blade you can see where I've used that motherfucker for a hammer. Yes, I know a knife is a knife and not a hammer, but by God a 110 makes a pretty good substitute when you ain't got the real thing handy.
So now it's time to retire my old knife to my Me Room, in a drawer full of other stuff I can't bear to throw away.