Saturday, October 27, 2012

My day yesterday

Work was fun yesterday - 14 motherfucking hours of confusion, impatientence and tempers flaring. Most of y'all know I work loading trucks for a major west coast grocery retailer. The holiday season is upon us - we shipped 200 trucks yesterday, about 40 more than usual for a Friday.
Here's a couple of pictures to show you, although they do not do my day justice. Both of them were taken from the break room right before first break at 8:15 AM. Had I taken them during work periods there would've been order selectors, forklifts, loaders and haulers, not to mention bosses and clean-up crews jamming up the clear spots. And this is at first break - you should've seen it at noon.
So yeah, I left for work at 4:45 yesterday morning and made it home at 9 last night. Dark in, dark out.
It'll also give you an idea of how big my warehouse is. What you're seeing here is half the loading dock - the other half is on the other side of the firewall. My warehouse alone is just under a million square feet, and that's just the grocery warehouse. There's also frozen foods, meat, produce and general merchandise in different warehouses at the same complex.

And here's one from my point of view. Pallets of freight were shoved into every available spot. You can see that it was so fucking crowded in there the sweeper couldn't even get through.