Saturday, October 06, 2012

Wirecutter - The Early Years



MissK said...

So that's why CGD likes to BITE you Wirecutter ;-)

Awesome find Lisa :D

Sarthurk said...

"Charliegoddammit, I'm gonna make you hunt, or I'll pop you upside the head with one of these here corks".

CharlieDelta said...

This is one of the coolest pictures I have seen in a long fucking time, and it's one that restores a little more faith for me in that kids generation. It brings back a lot of good memories of mine from when I was growing up.

At the rate scumbag liberals and leeches on society are, and have been out-breeding the rest of us for decades, this kids gonna get a lot of trigger time taking them out when the shit finally hits the fan in this country. We all will.

It's good to see someone started this kid early. You have to. Anyone that doesn't is irresponsible at best and should be castrated! I'm glad my pops started me early, and every time I see the inevitable storm getting closer I thank him for it.

Thanks for bringing back some memories I haven't thought about in too fuckin' long...