Friday, November 23, 2012

CharlieGodammit is fine. The damned dog is fine!!!

Jesus, more people are concerned about the damned dog than me: "Yeah, dug your blog, is everything okay with CharlieGodammit?" or how about "Enjoyed your 'unique' view of the world, but especially loved your posts about CGD. We'll miss him." My favorite: "You were an asshole. Hug CGD for me."
Well, fuck you.
He's still alive and still has his nose stuck up Lisa's ass.
Here's a picture of the mutt to prove it:

See the remants of the rawhide bone in the background? Motherfucker chews them apart like that in about 10 minutes and then wants another whole one. That's what he's wanting now.

And here's what he's gonna look like after I skin him out and stretch his hide on the floor if he don't quit pestering me: