Sunday, November 25, 2012

Hey, fuck you AND your Rights, pal.

A California man was jailed for four days for attempting to record police officers on a public street.
Daniel J. Saulmon was charged with resisting, delaying and obstructing an officer but the video shows he was standing well out the way of a traffic stop and was only arrested when he failed to produce identification to an approaching officer.
And there is no law in California that requires citizens to produce identification. And even if there was, it would require the officer to have a reasonable suspicion that he was committing a crime.
But prosecutors have already dropped the charge against Saulmon as well as a few other minor citations relating to his bicycle such as not have proper reflectors on the pedals.
And they most likely knew who he was considering he won a $25,000 settlement from the same police department after they unlawfully arrested him on eavesdropping/wiretapping charges in 2005.
This time, it appears the Hawthorne Police Department will be dishing out much more, thanks to officer Gabriel Lira’s abuse of authority.
“They knew exactly who I was,” Saulmon said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Saturday, adding that he has recorded them on a regular basis since the 2005 arrest when he was jailed after attempting to file a complaint inside the police station.


Anonymous said...

Rights? What rights??? We're no longer allowed to protest our government, stripping us of our First Amendment rights. The TSA and their VIPR teams can stop and search us anywhere, anytime, for whatever reason and the NDAA allows for our indefinite detention without charge, thus abolishing our Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendment rights. What others have I missed? What rights do we still enjoy in this country? Oh yeah, in some states the citizenry still have the right to keep and bear arms, for now. Look for the UN ATT to take care of that.

I guess we're still safe from having soldiers quartered in our homes and blacks and women can still vote, so that's some consolation.

Anonymous said...

To put it nicely I hope he breaks it off in their ass.

Brock Townsend said...

Petty tyrants. Posted.

Anonymous said...

Milk the bastards for as much as you can and make it come from the pay of the police so they feel it.

This country is becoming Orwell's 1984 with it's "Think-Speak" and other insanities...

Anonymous said...

Yeah I guess... next time your getting your ass handed to you don't call the Police. It's survival of the fittest just the way I would want it. So when I want to take something from someone no one can stop me.

wirecutter said...

I don't call the cops. Last time I did they tried to make me out to be the bad guy. Fuck 'em. I'll take care of my own business if they're gonna come down on me anyways. Fucking assholes.