Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Never one to mince words.....

So the polling places are closed and the votes are in.
If you come here for humor or my warped point of view but are not a III Percenter and you voted, no matter who you voted for, then good for you. You exercised your Right.

My issue now is with those III Percenters that come here that voted Romney or Obama.
In case you haven't been reading the III blogs, our goal is a return to a Constitutional Government. That's the reason we exist. Romney is NOT a Constitutional man. He is a fucking politician, not a Statesman. His record speaks volumes.
By voting Romney/Obama, you just set our goals back another 4 years. You just showed your true colors. You like the III behind your name, you like to fly the flag and wear the patches but your fucking values are shallow. You had a chance to show your dissatisfaction to the political machine and you fucked it off. You just betrayed us at the polls.
I can look at myself in the mirror and know in my heart that I am a Man of Principle. Not only do I talk the line but I also walk the line. I have never signed my name with a III but I will tonight. I deserve it.
-KennyLane III