Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Mexico coyote hunt is still on

Despite criticism, a controversial coyote kill is still on in Los Lunas, but not without a fight.
About 20 people gathered outside of Gunhawk Firearms Saturday to protest the coyote kill contest.
KOB Eyewitness News 4 told you about Caliber's Gun Shop backing out of its coyote-killing contest in October. But now, Gunhawk owners say they plan on to hold their own despite public outcry.
Those opposed and for the contest voiced their opinions.
"Coyotes are vermin, and so they're not of any use," Jeremy Boch, who is in favor of the contest, said. "They kill cattle and that costs rancher's money."
"It is wrong because this is one of the most violent counties in the state," protestor Elizabeth Dicharry said. "We have one of the highest rates of animal abuse in the state. We have one of the highest rates of child abuse in the state."
Police were called out to the event after the things got heated between the two groups, but we're told everything calmed down after they were separated.
The contest is set for Nov. 17 and 18.
Thanks to Stevie Foodstamps for the tip.


  1. They're not hunting kids, lady. Yet.
    Although a two per season limit on ghetto rats doesn't sound too bad to me.

  2. forget the coyotes for now, go after the child abusers first!!!!

  3. Willy and RPM .... I live here. The problem is a "demographic" one. It sure as shit ain't Lithuanians beating up their girlfriends, killing her kids, or running dog and cockfighting rings.

    The clue-free liberal progtard white twunt has zero idea on what's goin down. So she associates thinning a growing predator population gobbling up poodles and housecats with " the Children"

    She and her kind are future meat. Nothing more


  4. "She and her kind are future meat. Nothing more"



  5. Just what in sam hill does child abuse rates have to do with killing varmints?

  6. Things got a little heated, all right. The gun store owner got jumped in the parking lot outside his store and he had to draw down on the group. They called the cops on him and the SWAT team showed up. He met them at the door. The coyote-huggers told the cops that he attacked them for no reason.

    The owner pointed at the camera above the door and invited the cops to come in and watch the video. Cops made some arrests, but it wasn't the store owner they arrested.


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