Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sacrificing Liberty for percieved safety

LOS ANGELES ( — Officials said 38 anti-crime cameras will soon be installed in downtown Los Angeles.
In the coming weeks, this new equipment will replace cameras which have been broken or failing for years.
Andrea Fujii, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, says the cameras should make streets safer.
She spoke with Jennifer Otto, co-owner of Wax Candy, a downtown business. With dozens of female clients, her store put a premium on safety for staffers and patrons coming in and out of her Fashion District business.
Skid Row is a few blocks away. Otto says sometimes vagrants have come inside her establishment. With Wax Candy closing at 8 o’clock every night — and it being darker — the women who work here say they look forward to a little extra security.
She believes her customers and workers will feel safer with the cameras. “They know there’s someone watching out for them.”


hiswiserangel said...

Want security? Get a gun.

Paladin said...

"Anti-Crime" cameras and restrictive gun laws sure didn't slow these guys down -

Motorcycle riding bandits armed with axes in a shopping mall in full view of the "anti-crime" cameras. Maybe if they had really good cameras and anti-axe laws it would work even better.

Ironwill III said...


tripseven said...

Ya right...over YOUR dead body!