Saturday, November 03, 2012

Schooled again

In line at the market today I was watching this old Okie, must've been in his 80s or 90s in his pressed town bib overalls unload his basket in front of me. Just a few basics - bacon, eggs, salt pork for his greens, Brylcreme, coffee, shit like that - and after he pays and is loading his bags back out into his cart, he notices and holds up a bag of avocados he missed. "Here, these too" he says, holding them up.
Now he could've loaded his bags around them and walked out with nobody but him being the wiser, but he pays the $3.99 for them and takes his penny in change.
"An honest man - now that's a rare thing nowadays" I remark in a rare attempt at being sociable.
He turns to me and asks "What would you have done?"
I shrugged. "Same thing, I reckon."
"Well then, it ain't so fucking rare now, is it?"
Grouchy old fart......