Sunday, November 04, 2012

What? The government let you down?

When night falls in the Rockaways, the hoods come out.
Ever since Sandy strafed the Queens peninsula and tore up the boardwalk, it’s become an often lawless place where cops are even scarcer than electrical power and food. Locals say they are arming themselves with guns, baseball bats, booby traps — even a bow and arrow — to defend against looters.
Thugs have been masquerading as Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) workers, knocking on doors in the dead of night. But locals say the real workers have been nowhere in sight, causing at least one elected official — who fears a descent into anarchy if help doesn’t arrive soon — to call for the city to investigate the utility

“We booby-trapped our door and keep a baseball bat beside our bed,” said Danielle Harris, 34, rummaging through donated supplies as children rode scooters along half-block chunk of the boardwalk that had marooned into the middle of Beach 91st St.
“We heard gunshots for three nights in a row,” said Harris, who believed they came from the nearby housing projects.
Carly Ruggieri, 27, who lives in water-damaged house on the block, said she barricades her door with a bed frame. “There have been people in power department uniforms knocking on doors and asking if they’re okay, but at midnight.”
And another local surfer said he has knives, a machete and a bow and arrow on the ready. Gunshots and slow-rolling cars have become a common fixture of the night since Hurricane Sandy.
“I would take a looter with a boa. If I felt threatened I would definitely use it,” said Keone Singlehurst, 42. “Its like the Wild West. A borderline lawless situation.”
City Councilman James Sanders (D-Far Rockaway) said he fears the situation will devolve into anarchy.
“We have an explosive mix here,” said Sanders. “People will take matters into their own hands.”
Walter Meyer, 37, lives in Park Slope but often surfs in the Rockaways. He said it’s not the place it was before the storm.
"After sunset everyone locks their doors,” said Meyer, as he loaded up a solar panel from a factory in the Brooklyn Navy Yard to bring to local residents. "They're trying to find whatever weapons they can find. Some people are even using bows and arrows."
“If you are heeding into the Rockaway beach to assist, there is a request for firearms, hot food, and cold beer. These next 24 hours are critical for these folks, the government has really let them down,” Meyer posted on Facebook Thursday.
-Wisco Dave


I wonder if this is going to change the mind of all those that supported NYC's ban on firearms. But then again, if you're not an evil hunter then I guess you really don't have a need for one.


hiswiserangel said...

And now Mayor Bloomberg has turned away the National Freaking Guard because they (hold on to your undies boys and girls) CARRY GUNS!!!!


wirecutter said...

So much for his 'interpertation' of a well regulated militia, huh? Motherfucker wants ALL guns outlawed, including our military, by this ruling.

hiswiserangel said...

Well, he did say that the only people who needed to be walking the streets with guns were the NYPD. I'm sure New Yorkers feel soooo much safer knowing that...

Jason said...

And where is the National Guard? Oh that's right, they have guns. So the center of the universe is nothing more than a big fucking panzy pot. Let them kill each other with sticks and shit then. They elected that pussy Bloomberg. Deal with it.

Robert Fowler said...

I truly feel bad for the people that have lost loved ones. However, after reading the stories about the NG being banned, fuck the rest of them. They can siut huddled in the cold and dark and listen to the looters. They voted for the stupid son of a bitch, they are welcome to him.

michigan doug said...

hell in a handbasket, all aboard !!!

rpm2day said...

Broadheads are pretty effective, and quiet.

Everett said...

That guys fingers are going to hurt like hell if lets go of that string! Also he'll be shooting pretty low from that draw position!

Devil Tongue said...

If he wants to do some REAL damage with that thing, install a broadhead on the tip of that arrow. That would make a Matter-Of-Fact statement to those standing around the guy playing catch with it.

Anonymous said...

I work for a small municipal electric utility in Texas. We have sent 40% of our line crews to Long Island at LIPA's request for help. They should have arrived by now. I'll try to let Wirecutter know what goes on.

Wrench said...

From the reports I have read, cops are nowhere to be found in the ravaged areas... guess it's not safe for them out there... sad state of affairs.

Took my odd-6 out yesterday and shot 6 rounds at about 75 yards in the woods and was pleased with the patterns on the target. Never know when an animal might get ugly on you.

Wrench said...

Oh, and BTW, will this be a wake up call for the citizens of NY the next time a ultra liberal Commie like Blowberg runs for office??? One can only hope.

Sara said...

What really jumps out at me is the line "People will take matters into their own hands." Well no shit. What are they supposed to do, sit around and be robbed or worse waiting for someone to come take care of the problems?

Cheesy said...

"I would take a looter with a boa."

Or a feathery thing worn around the neck?

Wild Cookery! said...

Now, call me a silly little mongoose, but has this guy got that arrow loaded even feather IN?

Looks to me that the arrows have red ends. Designating that the red arrow is the odd fletching, and that there are two white fletchings.

Which means that the RED fletching should be facing to the left, as the arrrow is nocked, on a right-handed bow.

Not 100% sure, but that's what it looks like from this pic. If so, the guy's gonna rip the fletching off of the arrow.

But on the good side, he'd probably still perforate the scumbag on the other end. A de-feathered arrow is a small price to pay for getting rid of the trash! ;)