Friday, November 09, 2012


I've gotten several emails over the years asking about the name Wirecutter, who gave it to me? What did I do to earn it?
I hate to dissapoint you kiddies but I gave it to myself in a perfectly innocent way. I collect antique barbed wire and I went on ebay to see if they had any for sale. Not only did they have a wide selection but they had some really rare pieces so I registered for ebay. My first screen name was Fencecutter but them damned old cowboys kept refusing my bids until finally one of them wrote me and let me know that fence cutting is a bullwhipping offense damned near everywhere and folks weren't seeing the humor in my name. I probably should've thought that one through a little better. So I changed my name to Wirecutter and eventually bought and sold several thousand dollars worth of collectable barbed wire on ebay, and becoming well known enough around the valley that I've got several barbed wire displays loaned to cowboy/western museums in California.
So there you have it. No big deal.