Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ah, Blue Barrel acid......

Ask Steve - he remembers. It was almost as good as that Purple Monster going around high school back in the 70s, huh?


  1. Man I haven't heard that word in a loooong time!
    Blue Barrel.

    When I think back, I find it humorous and amazing that acid was actually "marketed" by altering the packaging.

    I used to get little plastic bottles of liquid 25 from this weird older dude (I was in my teens, so he was probably in his late 20's) down in the scary part of Denver. It was a sparse shotgun shack with an old white refrigerator - shelves lined with these plastic bottles and nothing else. I would get about 105 hits out of a bottle.

    Anyway, the basic chemical was put on, and or in, all these different forms for no other reason than to establish reputation and brand loyalty.

    (Hope you don't mind the long rambling comment!)

  2. your right. i coulda watched that thing for hours...

  3. I swear, I'm the only person on the internet that's never gotten high. On anything. God, I lived such a sheltered life. I feel like the resident BlogDork.

  4. Different types contained varied amounts of the "active ingredient", Timbo, and resulted in trips of differing intensity. So a friend of mine back in the '80s could rightfully describe the adventure he went on once as being...inspired, shall we say... by "some o' that haaaard microdot".

  5. Ah yes, reminds me of wen I ate that blotter and went to see The Exorcist--funniest movie ever made.

  6. Angel, nope. I was a goody goody and was too poor to do drugs. Never smokedand hated the smell of beer... I had my fun stone cold sober ;O)

  7. I didn't party until college and usually had 2-3 part-time jobs, so it wasn't out of control. Thanks AbbyS for making me feel not so square. :-D

  8. And I didn't start partying until I was out of elementary school.
    Will you two quit trying to turn this into Miss GoodyTwoShoes here?

  9. Hey, I'm perfectly open to being corrupted and defiled, I just can't find anyone willing to take me on. :-)


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