Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ants and grasshoppers, man.

No, I do not have any "spare" ammo for sale. No, I do not have any ammo to loan (as if I'd ever get it back) and no, I don't have any firearms for sale or loan either.

I've been telling you motherfuckers for months and months to stock up on ammo, even telling you how to do it on the cheap by buying one box per week. Had you done that for a year, you'd have over 1000 rounds of ammo right now. One fucking box a week - ten bucks - but you didn't do it. But now that it can't be had you expect me to dip into my supplies and cheerfully hand over mine? Fuuuuck you.

You couldn't afford to buy a box a week? Seriously? You could afford to buy beer every weekend though, right? What about that $60,000 car you're driving? Sure is a big-ass TV you're watching although I think 60 inches is a bit big for your house. Let's not forget about that Benelli shotgun you just had to have even though a Remington shoots just as true. And damn, does your 14 year old kid really need an iPhone and $100 pre-ripped pants? Really? I hope your vacation in Cabo was nice and enjoyable.

And you thought my priorities were fucked up.

By the way, remember this post when the economy dies and your food runs out, yeah?