Thursday, December 06, 2012

Anything for a buck

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Residents in one Queens neighborhood are crying foul after they were written up for failing to clean up the city’s own mess. It is yet another new complication in life after Superstorm Sandy.
Rosanne and Joe Cavaliere are still trying to clean up from the hurricane.
They have branches through their roof, busted front windows, and, to add insult to injury, they recently received a citation notice from the city.
“It makes me angry, but it’s also ridiculous!” Rosanne Cavaliere told CBS 2’s Jessica Schneider.
They got it on Nov. 9, cited with “failure to maintain” their property.
But as they pointed out to CBS 2’s Schneider on Tuesday night, it’s a city tree that they were waiting for the city to remove.
“It was over two weeks before someone came and removed it from the house, and we were patient enough with that, but then to just be slapped with a violation,” Joe Cavaliere said.


Foodstamps said...

If this shit had happened in the Midwest, the cleanup would be over with by now.

Johan Galt said...

They want Nanny Gubmint and they got it. Now cleanup your playpen.

Sara said...

First thing that happens around here after a good storm or tornado is every person that has a chainsaw or two is out cleaning shit up. My old man gets a special gleam in his eye when the wind picks up and it has that yellow tint when you look outside. And it ain't for me, it's because he knows he's going to have a valid excuse to cut shit up. And not get yelled at for taking down trees that I like. He'll drive around for blocks just looking for anything down.