Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Before I even had my coffee......

Standing in line at the 7-11 this morning waiting to pay for my morning paper I heard this cholo mexican chick talking to Lalo the clerk.
"Our people say the world is going to end on December 21st so I maxed out all my credit cards so that my kids can have the best Christmas ev-ah!"
Lalo looked at me and rolled his eyes, trying to keep from laughing. I couldn't help myself...... "So you're going to give them their presents early then?"
She gives me a 'I-wasn't-talking-to-you' look. "No, what makes you say that?"
"Because Christmas comes 4 days after 'your people' claim the world is going to end. You just fucked yourself, man."
I tossed Lalo three quarters which he missed because he was laughing so fucking hard. "Merry Christmas, Lalo."
"Merry Christmas, Kenny."