Friday, December 07, 2012

Carl's Jackal

Hi Wirecutter,
I enjoy reading your blog, thanks. I have attached a pic of a BBJ, (the African version of your coyote) I shot near Steytlervlle, South Africa. The rifle is a borrowed Sako .223. I am waiting for my licence to come through on my new Remington 700 in .204 Ruger, and will post some better pics soon. Sorry for the bad pic quality – we shoot jackals at night here - the pic was taken with my cell phone in the early hours of the morning. The BBJ was taken at just over 200 yards with a Hornady VMax called in with a Foxpro.
Hell yeah, Carl! They look to be about the same size as our western coyotes. Hey, I'd be real interested in more photos from your hunts, maybe a short tale on how they're hunted - over bait or called in, etc.