Friday, December 07, 2012

December 7th, 1941

Pearl Harbor. A few hours that changed the world.
It seems like every year that passes, less and less is said about that day. Don't want to upset our new friends, I reckon.
Fuck 'em. I don't need a newspaper article to remind me to honor our fallen warriors.


tripseven said...

God Bless those that gave all!

Devil Tongue said...

Although I too do not need a reminder every year of our fallen Hero's sacrifices (of any war). I do at least appriciate the fact "some" news outlet's do not let Pearl Harbor die a watery death.

If the media were to completely dismisses it every year, our soldiers and their loved one's memories will be gone in a single generation for those who know no better.

I for one, can not complain when the liberal media finds air time or print to remind us all of our past and present hero's.

May G-D take all our Soldiers home when it's time and may he exact his toll on the shitheads that refuse to acknowledge their sacrifices.

rpm2day said...

I share an office with our maintenance man. Just some guy. We started talking and I mentioned that it's Pearl Harbor day. He said he had to call his dad because it's his birthday. It turns out that his grandfather was stationed on a sub in Pearl Harbor and traded shifts with another sailor so that he could go to his son's (my friend's dad)5th birthday party. The sub was sunk in the attack. He survived and moved his Hawaiian family to Kentucky. In the '40's. And hilarity ensued.
Used without permission.