Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting back to the basics

Everybody talks about prepping and invariably the subject is food, guns and ammo but how many of you own the basic hand tools?
In a worse case scenario there's not going to electricity or at best it'll be intermittent, yet we're going to have to rebuild and/or repair at some point. Kind of hard to run a Skil Saw or electric drill without power, ain't it? Think about it.
Hey, I'm just as guilty as most over this. Most of my tools are either electric or air powered - I think I own one hand saw (a crosscut), one axe, one ancient bow saw and a handful of files. This is not good.
Even those that own a drill brace, adze, and planers are rusty in their uses - shit, I don't think I've used a drill brace since 7th grade shop class.
As far as metal working goes, yesterday I told you how to use thermite to cut metal but I'll be damned if I know how to weld with it and unfortunately I don't have a safe area now to experiment with it. Nor do I know a single person with a forge to make metal tools and goods.
Just something to think about, guys.