Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jew Without a Gun

I am republishing my three-part series about the LA Riots of 1992 in which Karen and I and the children were trapped for several frightening hours. We were unarmed, helpless save for our wits. The police were conspicuously absent and the bad guys, frequently armed with heavy weapons, owned the streets. It was a defining moment in my life.
I’m reposting this series as a cautionary tale because the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre has sharpened the claws of the statist utopians, whose ultimate aim is to disarm law-abiding American citizens.
Just as Obamacare has nothing to do with health, and cap and trade has nothing to do with so-called global warming, anti-gun laws have nothing to do with saving children’s lives.
It’s just another opportunity for the left to centralize power.

Thanks to Sammy for the tip


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this story. My blood ran cold just reading it.


WiscoDave said...

A quote attributed to Hollywood director John Milius:
"There was an interview with him just after the Rodney King riots in LA. He said a number of his liberal Hollywood friends were worried that the riots might spread to their neighborhood, and knowing John had a very extensive firearms collection, called him up asking to borrow one of his guns.
His reply to them was something along the lines of "Sorry, they're all being used right now."
He doesn't get a lot of work...

Brad_in_MA said...


As a Jewish gun owner myself, I would like to recommend two bloggers to all your readers but especially to your Jewish readers . . . .
1) Jew's Don't Shoot Guns
- Bogie is in NJ
2) Jewish Marksmanship
- he's in South Florida

Outside of the US there's Doubletapper in Israel.

Before anyone asks, I am well aware of JPFO.

Anyone know of any more?

hiswiserangel said...

I read the whole thing. That is every parent's worst nightmare. It's one thing to be faced with that sort of danger alone, but when you have your kids with you it's a whole different beast.

indyjonesouthere said...

I was living in LA during the riots and during the Northridge earthquake. I was at Dockweiller RV park and worked as an a/c mechanic at a cargo carrier at LAX. Most people at the RV park were on edge and few had weopons. I kept a loaded 12ga,loaded 30-30 lever and a 9mm handgun at hand during the period but did not have to use them. RV's are no protection but Dockweiller beach often had berms that were good protection. I did bid out of LA as soon as I had enough senority.

Opus #6 said...

Brings back my own LA Riot memories. Reposted and linked.